Safe and Secure
SSL Web Hosting/Email Hosting

Website and email security is crucial for protecting your business. We provide HK customers with superior software to improve safety and provide you with the best hosting service.  Our service includes:

Plan features

  • Pre-installed SSL Certificate (HTTPS Support)
  • 1 Minute Account Opening
  • PHP Version Selector (php5.6, php7.0, 7.1)
  • Automatically Optimized SEO
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • High efficient SSD Hosting
  • Advance Website Data Backup
  • Cloud Website Gateway

SSL Cloud Basic

HK$ 188* /MO

  • Basic SSL Certificate Website
  • Company Email Service
  • 1 Comodo PositiveSSL
  • 1 Dedicated IP address
  • 10GB SSD Website Storage
  • 15GB Mail Server Storage
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 1 QTY MySQL 5 Database
  • 1 QTY Domain Support
  • 1TB Traffic
  • Traffic Priority of Service - Middle
  • Average HK$188/mo Prepaid Annually
  • Average HK$169/Mo Prepaid Biennially
  • Average HK$132/Mo Prepaid Triennially
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SSL Cloud Professional

HK$ 398* /MO

  • Best Data Protection SSL Website
  • Business Email Service
  • 1 Comodo PositiveSSL
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address
  • 20GB SSD Website Storage
  • 30GB Mail Server Storage
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 3 QTY MySQL 5 Database
  • 1 QTY Domain Support
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Traffic Priority of Service – Middle
  • Shared Address Book and Calendar
  • Average HK$398/Mo Prepaid Annually
  • Average HK$358/Mo Prepaid Biennially
  • Average HK$279/Mo Prepaid Triennially
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SSL Cloud Business

HK$ 598* /MO

  • Email Protection SSL Website
  • Corporate Email Service
  • 1 GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address
  • 50GB SSD Website Storage
  • 50GB Mail Server Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited QTY MySQL 5 Database
  • 1 QTY Domain Support
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Traffic Priority of Service - Privilege
  • Shared Address Book and Calendar
  • Average HK$598/Mo Prepaid Annually
  • Average HK$538/Mo Prepaid Biennially
  • Average HK$419/Mo Prepaid Triennially
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* Average monthly price for 1-year plan


Why we need the SSL?

Chrome begins label not HTTPS website as unsafe

SSL/TLS website can uplift Google ranking

Browser forced to use HTTP/2 encrypt

Gmail label all unsafe server’s email

Mobile support encrypt website only

Mozilla new features available for HTTPS website only

SSL Cloud Web Hosting / Email Cloud Hosting Plan Specification

Plan DetailsSSL Cloud Hosting BasicSSL Cloud Hosting ProfessionalSSL Cloud Hosting Business Unlimited
Monthly FeeHK$132*HK$279*HK$419*
Mailbox (POP3/ IMAP)20100Unlimited
SSD Website Storage (GB)102050
Mailbox Storage(GB)153050
FTP/ SFTP File Share20100Unlimited
Dedicated IP Address111
Host Domain111
Traffic1 TBUnlimitedUnlimited
Traffic Priority Of ServiceMiddleMiddlePrivilege
Control Panel cPanelSupportSupportSupport
Email Service ManagerSupportSupportSupport
File ManageSupportSupportSupport
Support Mobile Device ManagementSupportSupportSupport
Web hosting Service Features
HTTP Web ServerSupportSupportSupport
Automatically Optimized SEOSupportSupportSupport
Web BackupSupportSupportSupport
Images Management-SupportSupport
Web File ManagerSupportSupportSupport
Web ProtectSupportSupportSupport
1 Page website builderSupportSupportSupport
Error Pages define toolsSupportSupportSupport
Site RedirectSupportSupportSupport
MySQL DatabaseSupportSupportSupport
php myAdminSupportSupportSupport
MySQL Database WizardSupportSupportSupport
Analysis & Reports
Visitor ReportSupportSupportSupport
Traffic ReportSupportSupportSupport
Error LogSupportSupportSupport
Raw LogsSupportSupportSupport
Awstats Website Analysis ToolSupportSupportSupport
HotLink ProtectSupportSupportSupport
User Manager (Email/FTP/Web Disk)SupportSupportSupport
PHP PERL PackageSupportSupportSupport
PHP Version : PHP 7.0/ 5.6/ 5.5/ 5.4/ 5.3/ 5.2SupportSupportSupport
PHP Version Selector : 5.4/5.6/7.1SupportSupportSupport
Optimize WebsiteSupportSupportSupport
Cron JobSupportSupportSupport
MIME TypesSupportSupportSupport
Email hosting Features
Powerful Mailbox Protection (incoming)BasicAdvanceAdvance
POP3/IMAP SupportSupportSupport
SMTP/SMTP Specail Port (Local and Overseas)SupportSupportSupport
SSL/TLS EncryptionSupportSupportSupport
Email Forwarders, AutorespondersSupportSupportSupport
iPhone/iPad/Android PhoneSupportSupportSupport
Outlook/Live Mail/ThurdbirdSupportSupportSupport
Shared Address Book-SupportSupport
Shared Calender -SupportSupport
Shared Task-SupportSupport
Spam Quarantine Reports-SupportSupport
Mailling Lists-SupportSupport
24/7 Technical SupportSupportSupportSupport
Advanced Data Protection
Advanced Powerful Maibox Protection (outgoing)SupportSupportSupport
Email Archeive SupportSupportSupport

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