SSL Web Hosting

Website and email security have always been the core value of our products. We have added security elements at every key point in our software and network to ensure that our customers experience secure web hosting and high quality email services.

Plan features

  • Pre-installed SSL Certificate (HTTPS Support)

  • 1 Minute Account Opening

  • PHP Version Selector(PHP5.1-5.6, PHP7.0-7.3)

  • Automatically Optimized SEO

  • Dedicated IP Address

  • High efficient SSD Hosting

  • Advance Website Data Backup

  • Cloud Website Gateway

Start from$138*
SSL Certificate Website
Company Email Service
1 SSL Certificate

5GB SSD Website Storage
10GB Mail Server Storage
10 Email Accounts
Basic Mailbox Protection
1 QTY MySQL Database
1 QTY Domain Support
100GB Traffic
Traffic Priority Of Service - Middle

Avg. Monthly Price of 1 Year Plan
Avg. Monthly Price of 2 Years Plan
Start from$198*
Basic SSL Certificate Website
Company Email Service
1 Comodo PositiveSSL
1 Dedicated IP Address
10GB SSD Website Storage
15GB Mail Server Storage
20 Email Accounts
Advanced Mailbox Protection
1 QTY MySQL Database
1 QTY Domain Support
1TB Traffic
Traffic Priority Of Service - Middle

Avg. Monthly Price of 1 Year Plan
Avg. Monthly Price of 2 Years Plan
Start from$418*
Best Data Protection SSL Website
Business Email Service
1 Comodo PositiveSSL
1 Dedicated IP Address
20GB SSD Website Storage
30GB Mail Server Storage
100 Email Accounts
Advanced Mailbox Protection
3 QTY MySQL Database
1 QTY Domain Support
Unlimited Traffic
Traffic Priority Of Service - Middle
Shared Address Book And Calendar
Avg. Monthly Price of 1 Year Plan
Avg. Monthly Price of 2 Years Plan
Start from$628*
Email Protection SSL Website
Corporate Email Service
1 GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
1 Dedicated IP Address
50GB SSD Website Storage
50GB Mail Server Storage
Unlimited Email Accounts
Advanced Mailbox Protection
Unlimited QTY MySQL Database
1 QTY Domain Support
Unlimited Traffic
Traffic Priority Of Service - Privilege
Shared Address Book And Calendar
Avg. Monthly Price of 1 Year Plan
Avg. Monthly Price of 2 Years Plan

*This shows the average monthly price of the annually service plan and only valid for new application.

cPanel Management Interface


Why we need the SSL?

Chrome begins label not HTTPS website as unsafe

SSL/TLS website can uplift Google ranking

Browser forced to use HTTP/2 encrypt

Gmail label all unsafe server’s email

Mobile support encrypt website only

Mozilla new features available for HTTPS website only

Q1:What is https?

A1:HTTPS appears in the URL where the URL is protected by an SSL certificate. You can view the details of the certificate by clicking the lock symbol on the browser bar, including the certificate issuing authority CA and the company name of the website owner.

Q3:What is SSL?

A3:SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a network security protocol for digitally encrypting information sent from a browser to a server. SSL is also a standard security technology for establishing encrypted links between servers and clients (usually web servers (websites) and browsers, or mail servers and mail clients (such as Outlook).

Q5:Why our plans use Comodo SSL Certificate?

A5:Because Comodo is one of the world’s largest SSL Certificate suppliers.

Q7:The different between SSL and non-SSL hosting plan?

A7:The hosting service with SSL security encryption will be marked as safe by the Chrome browser. Browsing user has the confidence to continue browse the website. Also, the Google search engine will be ranked higher. In addition, email transmission is also protected by encryption, which guarantees data security.

The SSL hosting plan is relatively cheap.

Q2:How to clarify my website support https?

A2:You can see a green lock on the left side of the URL field on the browser and a https display in front of your URL.

Q4:How SSL Web hosting plan make your website trusted?

A4:SSL certificate is issued by Certificate Authority (CA) to the organization and its domain/website, the trusted third party has verified the identity of the organization. Since the browser trusts the CA, the browser now also trusts the identity of the organization. The browser lets the user know that the site is secure, that users can safely browse the site and even enter their confidential

Q6:Why we need to pay for SSL Certificate?

A6:Because the paid SSL Certificate’s specific requirements is accepted by Google while the free SSL Certificate will not issue any verification and issue the SSL certificate. So the security is doubtful.

Q8:What is the reason to choose Advanhost's SSL hosting plan?

A8:Advanhost’s SSL hosting plan provides dual servers, web pages stored in fast-readable SSDs for reading and writing, and each website is equipped with a dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate issued by the world’s largest security certificate company. Email is also encrypted by SSL, so that the content of the email will not be leaked. So, customer enjoys a truly secure and fast hosting service.

SSL Cloud Web Hosting Specification

Plan DetailsSSL Cloud Hosting LiteSSL Cloud Hosting BasicSSL Cloud Hosting ProfessionalSSL Cloud Hosting Business Unlimited
Monthly FeeHK$138*HK$198*HK$418*HK$628*
Mailbox (POP3/ IMAP)1020100Unlimited
SSD Website Storage (GB)5102050
Mailbox Storage(GB)10153050
FTP File Share1020100Unlimited
Dedicated IP Address111
Host Domain1111
Traffic100GB1 TBUnlimitedUnlimited
Traffic Priority Of ServiceMiddleMiddleMiddlePrivilege
Control Panel cPanelSupportSupportSupportSupport
Email Service ManagerSupportSupportSupportSupport
File ManageSupportSupportSupportSupport
Support Mobile Device ManagementSupportSupportSupportSupport
Web hosting Service Features
HTTP Web ServerSupportSupportSupportSupport
Automatically Optimized SEOSupportSupportSupportSupport
Web BackupSupportSupportSupportSupport
Images Management--SupportSupport
Web File ManagerSupportSupportSupportSupport
Web ProtectSupportSupportSupportSupport
1 Page website builderSupportSupportSupportSupport
Error Pages define toolsSupportSupportSupportSupport
Site RedirectSupportSupportSupportSupport
MySQL DatabaseSupportSupportSupportSupport
php myAdminSupportSupportSupportSupport
MySQL Database WizardSupportSupportSupportSupport
Analysis & Reports
Visitor ReportSupportSupportSupportSupport
Traffic ReportSupportSupportSupportSupport
Error LogSupportSupportSupportSupport
Raw LogsSupportSupportSupportSupport
Awstats Website Analysis ToolSupportSupportSupportSupport
HotLink ProtectSupportSupportSupportSupport
User Manager (Email/FTP/Web Disk)SupportSupportSupportSupport
PHP PERL PackageSupportSupportSupportSupport
PHP Version : PHP5.1-5.6, PHP7.0-7.3, PHP8.0SupportSupportSupportSupport
Optimize WebsiteSupportSupportSupportSupport
Cron JobSupportSupportSupportSupport
MIME TypesSupportSupportSupportSupport
Email hosting Features
Powerful Mailbox Protection (incoming)BasicBasicAdvanceAdvance
POP3/IMAP SupportSupportSupportSupport
SMTP/SMTP Specail Port (Local and Overseas)SupportSupportSupportSupport
SSL/TLS EncryptionSupportSupportSupportSupport
Email Forwarders, AutorespondersSupportSupportSupportSupport
iPhone/iPad/Android PhoneSupportSupportSupportSupport
Outlook/Live Mail/ThurdbirdSupportSupportSupportSupport
Shared Address Book--SupportSupport
Shared Calender --SupportSupport
Shared Task--SupportSupport
Spam Quarantine Reports--SupportSupport
Mailling Lists--SupportSupport
24/7 Technical SupportSupportSupportSupportSupport
Advanced Data Protection
Advanced Powerful Maibox Protection (outgoing)SupportSupportSupportSupport
cPanel Email ArchivingSupportSupportSupportSupport

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