New POWERFUL Mailbox Protection Service

Our Strong Email Security Gateway specialised for Business Email, Corporate Email users

Cloud Mail Filter Benefits

・Move to cloud with confidence

・No additional hardware. No software installation.

・Instant implementation, email is protected within several hours

・Cover unlimited no. of email accounts

・Continuously updates to provide a stronger protection

・Email Filtering Strategy by professional security consultant

How We Protect Your Email Free From Spam, Virus, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing

Advanhost Cloud Email Filter

Anti-virus and Anti-malware

Effective anti-virus and anti-malware through multiple 3rd party solutions by CYREN.

Accurate and effective Anti-spam

Identifies and blocks both incoming and outgoing spam accurately, with less than 1 in 5 million false positive.

Stops all phishing emails

Deployed with DMARC technology, it is the most advanced anti-phishing algorithm.

Big Data Analysis

More accurate than traditional filtering.

Free transfer on filtering service

We help you to transfer your filtering service to our professional system. No additional charges.

Flexible, user-friendly interface

Customer-accessible interface allows for easy customization and configuration.

Server Version
Price HK$388/Mo (5 Domains)
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Server Professional Version
Price HK$688/Mo (5 Domains)
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Number of domain under protection



Number of email accounts under protection



Multi-domain discount

Professional email filtering


Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware

User Friendly Interface For Configuration Settings and Mail Tracking

Filtering rules selection

Incoming email protection

Outbound email protection


Email filtering strategy setup by our security professional

Professional spam mail cleaner

Email accounts consolidated authentication

One-on-One account management

Free filtering service transfer

Professional Support 24/7


Why do you need email filter service?

All we need is a cost-effective and secure email service. Advanhost Cloud Email Filter Service makes use of Big Data technology to update our filtering database continuously and dynamically. Benefits from this technology, our filtering becomes more complete and accurate. Our filtering is not limited to any specific language which we can block out all virus, malware, phishing, spamming, etc..

Can I know what emails are filtered out?

In case of new and suspicious junk mails, we will put them into control area and send the control report to our users at 09:00, 17:00 and 00:00 every day. Users can confirm if those suspicious mails are correctly filtered out.

Is it complicated to use?

We will make all the setup and configuration for you and you can enjoy the protection with confidence.

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