Access Solutions Limited

Avanhost is the web hosting business trademark of Access Solutions Limited. Established in 2000, Advanhost is one of the largest hosting provider which experts in web security, cloud hosting and dedicated server.

With our 20 years experience, we’ve been on a mission to provide the most secure and reliable hosting service to our valuable customers.

Web Security

We've seen a lot of hosting technology come and go, however, that's never changed that we focus to develop cutting-edge products to secure your website.

Ease-of-Use Platform

Complicated solutions hold your business back. We provide simple solution and ease-of-use management platform. No Hassel.

Cost effective & Value

Benefits from our innovative technology and cost-effective operation system, we give you more for your money.

Service Guarantee

We've been listening to our customers and we committed to serve what you expected in every details. When hosted in Advanhost, we provide service quality and money-back guarantee.

By combining our innovative technology development with the most advanced hardware, we provide the most secure and reliable service to our customers. As recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies, our web hosting and cloud services power companies from Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, USA and Canada today.


As Internet Encryption becomes a basic requirement, SSL Certificates, SSL Server, SSL Cloud Service and Internet Encryption Service become our new focus.


After establishing for 15 years, Advanhost launched a total cloud solution, which integrating Magento ecommerce system, Mobile Apps, POS System, CRM system and ERP system. The total solution aims to help our customers for a better sales performance.


Benefits from a more focus products line and our technology development, the reposition in our products helps our customers to raise their work efficiency and lower their cost.


CRM and ERP system implementation raise our efficiency and optimize our resources.


We are continuing our long-term investment in setting up cloud service equipment. The cloud service upgrade provides a more reliable file system and better load balancing performance.


A new data center operated. Meanwhile, we provide a safer and more reliable service by setting up a 24hr network support center.


We developed our Hong Kong-China dual server plan. When customers browse in China, they would connect to our China server while browsing outside China would connect to our Hong Kong Server.


We launched our G1 hosting plan which is the first Hong Kong hosting company to provide 1GB storage and 1GB bandwidth hosting service.


We launched our self-service hosting platform. Customers could enjoy our hosting service within 3 mins after the application. Moreover, we provided a management platform for customers to manage their account.