Refund Policy

Except for specific services (Domain Registration, Additional SAN of SSL Certificates or Dedicated Servers), customers have the right to request for a full refund within 14 days of the commencement of services.


In case that customers use our hosting service and register domain name at a privileged price, when refund is requested, the refund amount will be deducting by the original price of the domain name registration.


Except for additional SAN of SSL Certificates, we provide 14 days full refund guarantee for SSL Products (including Symantec™,GeoTrust®,Thawte®,RapidSSL®,Certum® and Comodo®) SSL Certificates and other network security products.


Customers are required to send refund request to Advanhost and state the order number, certificates and the reason of the cancellation. Please note that the refund process is around 48-72 hours.


Advanhost will issue a cheque (limited to Hong Kong Customers) to customers (after deducting the administrative charge of the issuance organization). For payment by Credit Card, 7% administrative charges of the refund amount incurred.