Office Cloud

Office Cloud is designed for office Documents Sharing and Applications with Windows servers
Monthly fee start from HK$488

Office Cloud

Windows Server

Make your business more efficient and data safer.

Office Cloud

The most convenient Cloud Server connection

Connected by Internet, VPN, and Metro Net

Save up to 5X times

For a 10-persons company with two-year maintenance costs as an example, purchase a server, Windows Server license user authorization, setup fee, electricity bill and maintenance cost, which costs about HK$48,000. Average to pay HK$2000 per average month for two years.

However, our Office Cloud VPN plan with VPN connection costs only HK$488 per month.

Office Cloud Chart
Dedicated Firewall

Independent Firewall, let you feel at ease!

Provides a separate firewall and professional security policy for each client and all Office Cloud servers, and runs on a private network segment behind the firewall.

Office Cloud Service Plan

Enterprise file sharing server


Start from
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Connection Method
Metro Net Direct Line, Internet and SSL VPN

Best for
Basic application and File Sharing

3TB - 50TB

Operating System
Windows 2016 unlimited users license
Windows Server 2012R2/2019
One Guest with One Firewall

*This shows the average monthly price of the annually service plan

Office Cloud

Easy access, Encrypt protection

  • Setting up the intranet on the cloud, can quickly handle your business wherever you are
  • Professional firewall, two steps authentication and endpoint protection. Any devices are under a secure environment, to avoid data stolen or leakage
  • Fiber Direct (optional), fast as cloud server in the office
  • Accessible in two regions (optional – China Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) )
Office Cloud

Low Running Cost

  • Fixed Monthly fee
  • No additional cost on Hardware/software
  • No additional manpower for maintenance
  • Never occupy office area
Office Cloud

Reduce office expenses

  • No need Racks, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, spare HDD / parts and etc.
  • No need purchase additional IP address
  • No need to buy extra network bandwidth
  • Reduce the maintenance time
Office Cloud

Security, Stabilizing

  • Located in Hong Kong
  • 100% dedicated server resources
  • Never affected by shared users
  • Possible to expand resources real time to deal with unexpected situations
  • Automatically / manually for backup data daily
  • One-click data recovery, easy to use
Office Cloud

Expand the business in a easy way

  • Easy apply, develop different business services in Intra-Cloud
  • Such as accounting system, CRM system, ERP system and etc.
  • Disperse running can be reduced the risk of downtime
  • Hence, the centralized management module is easy to operate
Office Cloud

Fast Deploy, Apply in wide range

  • No complicated steps, start service within 20 minutes
  • Not only online trading system, but retail system or mobile gaming system and etc.
  • Excellent performance servers of are the key success for any online business

Cloud vs Self Server

Windows Server License

Monthly fee with unlimited user authorization

Charge by number of users

Overall Cost

A fixed monthly fee

Hardware, software, security equipment, electricity and setup fees


High security, independent firewall and professional security policy

Different companies have different security strategies


No maintenance required

Need to maintain the server host and handle hardware failure


Upgrade CPU, RAM, storage, network or cloud host at any time

Need additional equipment

Setup Time

About an hour

About a week


Add or reduce cloud hosts as needed

Fixed resources, extra cost for hardware/software if required

Four Major Services

Data Migration Service

Provide existing server migration to cloud hosting

Data Backup Service

Professional cloud backup service

Server Management Service

Setup, installation and maintenance services

On-site Installation Service

Connected to Office Cloud from your computer


Does my location cover Metro Net?

Most of the commercial areas in Hong Kong are covered by our network, but some buildings do not provide Metro Net. You can contact us before the application to confirm whether your location is covered.

Does the Metro Net connection method need to be rerouted?

There is no need to set up a router, Metro Net operates in Layer 2 Network mode.

What speed of Metro Net can be chose?

100MB and 1GB are available.

What connection methods does the VPN provide?

Our VPN provides a way for Site To Site and Dial Up.

My company's existing firewall or router supports site to site VPN, can you connect to your VPN Gateway?

We use industry standard IPSec and can be used in most cases.

Can you provide a VPN Gateway at our location?

We offer SSL VPN Gateway rental services and professional installation services.

What kind of application is Office Cloud suitable for?

Suitable for file sharing and some support for Microsoft server applications.

Do I need Office Cloud to connect to the Internet, VPN and Metro Net?

Yes, please contact our sales colleagues for a quote.

Can the Office Cloud deploy multiple Cloud servers at the same time?

Multiple cloud servers can be deployed at the same time.

Do you have a data backup service?

Yes, we offer 1TB, 2TB and 3TB data backup plans.

Can I use your Office Oloud as my public server backup solution (DR Site)?

Many users also use this method as a backup server solution.

Do you have Windows 10 Pro operating system?

Yes, please contact our sales by [email protected]

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