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Windows Cloud Server X MYOB

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Cloud Server X MYOB ABSS Premier
(Included one user License)

Double login authentication is required to access confidential data, and a virtual private network (VPN) can be added for further encryption protection. Manually back up to the storage media of your choice at any time, or purchase automatic backup services to protect your data from damage and loss.

-Sign in Anytime, Anywhere
Whether you are working, traveling or at home, you can log in at any time for accounting and financial activities, such as create invoice, checking inventory and receivables, and so on.

-Support different devices, Improve efficiency
Regardless of whether your Desktop or Laptop is using Windows or Mac system, or Tablet is using iPad OS or Android system, you can remote to login.

abss cloud


Cloud Server X MYOB ABSS Premier
(Included three users License)

-Included ABSS Cloud ONE Advantage
And set up a virtual private network (VPN) directly to connect the cloud server to the office. Provide more secure and confidential connections.

-Multi-user access concurrently to update real-time data
Multi-users access concurrently to update data, or establish different users to assign different permissions, improving work efficiency and departmental confidentiality. For example, the sales department is responsible for sales and billing matters, and the purchasing department is responsible for purchase and inventory matters. The general manager or director will login as an administrator at any time and place to analyze all data at a glance. Use the latest data to provide companies with more appropriate decisions.

ABSS Cloud Service Plan

PlanVCPURAMStorage GBMYOB ABSS Premier v22.3Original (M)Special (M)Discounted Link
ABSS Cloud ONE24301 User License fee (HK$4,788)HK$518.00HK$388.50Buy Now
ABSS Cloud TRE24303 Users License fee (HK$8,688)HK$618.00HK$488.50Buy Now
PlanVCPURAMStorage GBMYOB ABSS Premier v22.3Original (Y)Special (Y)AverageDiscounted Link
ABSS Cloud ONE24301 User License fee (HK$4,788)HK$6,216.00HK$4,351.20HK$362.60Buy Now
ABSS Cloud TRE24303 Users License fee (HK$8.688)HK$7,416.00HK$5,551.20HK$462.60Buy Now

Accounting function

  • 100 kinds of chart of accounts, suitable for all walks of life
  • Recordable department/subsidiary accounts
  • View cash and accruals report for profit and loss statements and balance sheets

Sales and Purchasing

  • Enter quotes, orders, invoices/bills
  • The quote is converted into an order/invoice, one click
  • Payment receipt
  • Customizable form format
  • Can handle on-time billing items
  • Statistical sales sources and analysis of salesperson performance
  • Quickly record and modify documents from customers or suppliers
  • View shippers and payment invoices

Customers and Suppliers

  • A common alternate letter template, combined with mail to MS Word to create a letter
  • Printed mailing labels
  • Easy and fast export/import list for enhanced customer relationship management


  • More than 150 reports available
  • Develop a budget and compare it with actual performance
  • Cash flow statement
  • Customer/Supplier Ledger Report
  • Document Report
  • Audit Report
  • Audit reports accurately coherent company report files
  • Prior notice before the audit work, and can set a specified time

Bank function

  • View rollover balances and bank account overview
  • Foreign currency collection and payment of bills
  • Bank bank reconciliation is quick and easy

Inventory management

  • View inventory status
  • Improve recording components and finished products
  • Reordering tips
  • Process inventory and automatically adjust inventory
  • Can store goods pictures
  • Pre-receive goods in any case
  • Assist in purchasing the right amount of product
  • Support multiple warehouse locations

Project management

  • Record different project benefits, direct costs, expenses, profit and loss
  • Item number is special and can be expanded to 15 characters
  • Project table can be exported/imported

Salaries and Wages management

  • Record payroll records and employee information
  • Support hourly, monthly or irregular salary
  • Salary of employees based on work schedule
  • Support different pay methods, including cash and checks
  • Support different salary categories, such as salary, MPF, deduction
  • Calculate and record MPF contributions
  • Print tax returns and tax returns
  • Enhanced security settings for employee cards

(Upgrade to ABSS PremierPlus must need)

MYOB on Cloud vs PC


Remote login from any device with the
Windows Remote Desktop APP

Only login from a device that has MYOB installed with database


Equipped with professional firewall and security policy settings

Requires setup PC security by yourself


Not required

Maintained PC and their hardware problems by yourself


Anytime upgrade CPU, RAM, Storage, Network or Cloud Server

Purchase hardware by yourself for upgrade and time-consuming

Four Major Services

Data Migration Service

Provide existing server migration to cloud hosting

Data Backup Service

Professional cloud backup service

Server Management Service

Setup, installaton and maintenance services

On-site Installation

Connected to ABSS Cloud from office computer

(Only suitable for ABSS CLoud TRE)

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