Dedicated Resource

Hong Kong Cloud Compute

Monthly fee from HK$288

This service can apply for the D-Biz Programme. Many customers have been approved for funding. Contact us immediately and We can assist you in applying.

Cloud Server

Cloud Web Server

Professional optimized Cloud Web Server

Our Cloud Server infrastructure is professionally optimized for web hosting. Providing you with a wide range of cloud web servers in order to make your website fast and reliable. Flexible budget which is billed by monthly or hourly. Developing from small projects to large-scale deployments with the flexibility of on-demand resources.

Operating System and Web Server

Operating System

CentOS, cPanel, Plesk, Ubuntu

PlanVCPURAMHDD GBBandwidthOriginal Price/Month HK$Discount Price/Month HK$Order Link
LWC22430Unlimited288288Buy Now
LWC44840Unlimited588588Buy Now
LWC881660Unlimited1088761.6Buy Now
LWC161632160Unlimited20881461.6Buy Now
LWC242448240Unlimited29882091.6Buy Now
LWC323264320Unlimited39882791.6Buy Now
LWC404096400Unlimited49883491.6Buy Now

Operating System

*Windows Server 2012 Standard + IIS

*Windows Server 2016 Standard + IIS

PlanVCPURAMHDD GBBandwidthOriginal Price/Month HK$Discount Price/Month HK$Discount Price/Hour HK$Order Link
WWC22430Unlimited518362.61.4Buy Now
WWC44840Unlimited818572.62.3Buy Now
WWC881660Unlimited1318922.63.7Buy Now
WWC161632160Unlimited25581790.67.1Buy Now
WWC242448240Unlimited36882581.610.2Buy Now
WWC323264320Unlimited49383456.613.7Buy Now
WWC404096400Unlimited61484303.617.1Buy Now

Extra Storage

PlanStorageHard Disk GBPer Month HK$
Standard StorageExtra 100GB100GB100

Features and Benefits

Hong Kong Technical Support

Professional customer support and our technical support center is located in Hong Kong. Speaking with the same language, we know more about what you need.

Saving Cost

Billed per hourly, monthly or yearly which allows you to easily predict future expenses. Avoiding time, labor and machine costs.

Easy to Deploy

Pre-installing the operating system makes application deployment and management easy

Cloud Firewall

Easily protect your infrastructure and define protection rules for your firewall.

Private Network

Providing a generous connection between virtual hosts.

High Scalability

Quickly scale to different virtual host classes to meet customer needs.

Management Platform

One-stop management platform that directly manages your virtual host online and monitors usage.

Linux Cloud Hosting Server Rental Plan


System disk provides 20-400GB of space. Customers can upgrade storage space.

Network Bandwidth

Basically includes 20Mbps and 100Mbps. 1Gbps and 10Gbps are also available for high speed internet.

Private Network

Each customer provides a separate Vlan to connect to the virtual host.


Each server provides a basic 1 IPv4 address and customers can upgrade 4 IP addresses.

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