SSL Email Hosting

Our SSl encryption protection email server bring your email safe during delivery


  • Advance Email Archiving

  • cPanel control panel tools


HK$ 55* /MO

  • Basic Company Email Service
  • 15 GB Mail Server Storage
  • 20 Email Accounts (POP3/ IMAP)
  • Basic Version Mailbox Protection
  • Support SSL / TLS Email
  • Support 1 Domain
  • 1TB Traffic
  • Average HK$78/Mo Prepaid Annually
  • Average HK$70/Mo Prepaid Biennially
  • Average HK$55/Mo Prepaid Triennially
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Business Unlimited Mailbox

HK$ 76* /MO

  • Buniess Email Service
  • 20 GB Mail Server Storage
  • Unlimited Mailbox (POP3/ IMAP)
  • Advanced Version Mailbox Protection
  • Support SSL / TLS Email
  • Support 1 Domain
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Shard Address Books, Calendar
  • Email Archive
  • Email Service Manager
  • Average HK$108/Mo Prepaid Annually
  • Average HK$97/Mo Prepaid Biennially
  • Average HK$76/Mo Prepaid Triennially
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* Average monthly price for 3-year plan

14 days full refund guarantee

SSL Email Hosting Benefits

  • Support iPhone send and receive email

    Most Apps request to apply SSL to use. No SSL will be marked as NOT safe.

  • TLS agreement

    TLS 1.2 agreement version. Supporting most payable systems such as PayPal, etc.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Choose our Two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator App to manage your own service.

  • Firewall Policy customize service

    We have a tailor-made firewall policy which provides Gartner and ICAS certified 2nd generation firewall service.

  • Data backup

    Easily restore data after an accident and decrease the loss. We have an enterprise level file backup and email archiving system.

  • Email safety agreement

    Our clients deliver and receive using SSMTP and SIMAP safety agreements. Ensure safe delivery of your mail.

  • 7 layers junk mail and virus filtering

    Our cloud email filtering system provides 7 layers of filtering. Keep your email protected.

  • Intel E5 CPU

    Intel E5 CPU is our latest server model. Compare with our last model, it is 200% faster than the last model. so you can enjoy a high speed experience.

  • Expansion

    Our hosting system is from the latest version of cloud hosting technique, so you can expand your storage.

  • 24x7 support service

    We have a friendly and dedicated customer service team available 27/7. Contact us at any time for any enquiries.

Why we need the SSL?

Chrome begins label not HTTPS website as unsafe

SSL/TLS website can uplift Google ranking

Browser forced to use HTTP/2 encrypt

Gmail label all unsafe server’s email

Mobile support encrypt website only

Mozilla new features available for HTTPS website only

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