SSD WordPress Hosting

As WordPress is the most popular Content Management System from SME to Corporate. Our SSD WordPress hosting plan sever which is optimized for running WordPress smoothly.

Plan DetailsSSD Wordpress EconomySSD Wordpress BusinessSSD Wordpress Enterprise
Monthly FeeHK$148HK$208HK$888
SSD Website Storage (GB)220200
MySQL Database15Unlimited
FTP/ SFTP File Share20UnlimitedUnlimited
Host Domain111
Traffic1 TBUnlimitedUnlimited
Traffic Priority Of ServiceMiddlePrivilegePrivilege
Control Panel cPanelSupportSupportSupport
File ManageSupportSupportSupport
Support Mobile Device ManagementSupportSupportSupport
Wordpress Hosting Features
SSL Certificates1 Comodo PositiveSSL1 Comodo PositiveSSL1 GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
Dedicated IP Address-11
1 Click Wordpress installSupportSupportSupport
Wordpress backupSupportSupportSupport
Images Management-SupportSupport
Web File ManagerSupportSupportSupport
Web File ManagerSupportSupportSupport
Error Pages define toolsSupportSupportSupport
Site RedirectSupportSupportSupport
MySQL DatabaseSupportSupportSupport
php myAdminSupportSupportSupport
MySQL Database WizardSupportSupportSupport
Speed up
NGINX technologySupportSupportSupport
Analysis & Reports
Visitor ReportSupportSupportSupport
Traffic ReportSupportSupportSupport
Error LogsSupportSupportSupport
Raw LogsSupportSupportSupport
Awstats Website Analysis ToolSupportSupportSupport
HotLink ProtectSupportSupportSupport
User Manager (FTP/Web Disk)SupportSupportSupport
WAP (Web Application firewallSupportSupportSupport
PHP PERL PackageSupportSupportSupport
Support PHP Version : PHP 7, 5SupportSupportSupport
Optimize WebsiteSupportSupportSupport
Cron JobSupportSupportSupport
MIME TypesSupportSupportSupport
Prepaid Annually in Average (per month)HK$148HK$208HK$888

SSD WordPress Hosting Plan Feauters

Advanhost ‘s SSD WordPress hosting service render in dedicated wordpress configure server to give your wordpress website speedy and safe.

1 Click install WordPress

Just few clicks to install brand new wordpress , you can select only update the security patches or all wordpress updates.

Wordpress security protection

User can set up links protection to prevent from unauthorized links to their website and they are under our WAP (Web Application firewall) Layer 7 protection.

Free choice of php version

User may select to use the latest PHP 7.1/7.0 or current website PHP/ 5.6/ 5.5/ 5.4/ 5.3/ 5.2 version.

Back up and Restore WordPress

User can select full back up of wordpress site or just backup site files or database.

CDN surge

Our standard CDN service is especially for our Enterprise plan customer to surge their wordpress website speed and increase user experience.

SSL Certificate Encryption

Business Plan and Enterprise plan customer can enjoy the benefits of SSL encryption to give their client confidence of their website security and out rank the searching engine results.

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