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Enterprise security

Advanhost Security Email Gateway integrated and scriptable approach to anti-spam, signing and verification, policies and inspection enables enterprise-grade security at hosting-grade performance and at a price that fits your business model. Transaction safety (in-transit reject) and anti-spam from leading vendors make you forget about spam, without worrying about losing genuine email.

All for your protection

Many are used to email disappearing in-transit; a result of poor spam filters. We report or reject, all for your protection. So filter your email with exceptional features and most reliable technology. blocks phishing with DMARC, resolves with DNSSEC and DKIM signing.

Consolidating all in flight email

Enterprise Security Email Gateway platform includes all the functionality that you need in front of your email storage; email routing, anti spam, signing, rate limits, content filtering, outbound deliverability and much more, in an integrated and scriptable fashion. This reduces complexity and eliminates the burden of maintaining many separate systems.

Accurate and effective anti-spam

Identifies and blocks both incoming and outgoing spam accurately, with less than 1 in 5 million false positive.

Stops all phishing e-mails

Deploied with DMARC technology, it is the most advanced anti-phishing algorithm

Anti-virus and Anti-malware

Effective anti-virus and anti-malware through multiple 3rd party solutions including Kaspersky and ClamAV.

Flexible, user-friendly interface

Customer-accessible interface allows for easy customization and configuration.

User Guide, please visit http://goo.gl/KNO75b

Enterprise Email Security Gateway Plan
Standard Email Protection
Advanced Email Protection
Basic Features
Inbound Protection Only
Inbound & Outbound
Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
Incoming only
Incoming & Outgoing
Incoming only
Incoming & Outgoing
User Interface for configuration settings and mail tracking
Quarantine Report 3 times each day
09:00/ 17:00/ 00:00
09:00/ 17:00/ 00:00
Price per Domain per month (HK$)
$200/Mo $100/Mo

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